J. G. Levitt Professional Development

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Jeff gained solid corporate training experience by logging over 3000 classroom
hours in both international and Fortune 500 business environments. Prior to that,
he learned to design and deliver highly professional online and classroom learning
materials through the following experiences:

Jeff recently completed a two-year expatriate assignment in Kobe, Japan for a global semiconductor company. In Japan, he gained valuable cross-cultural teaching and educational consulting experience, learned enough Japanese to order at the drive-through, and indulged his digital photography hobby while traveling in Asia and Oceania.  


Jeff has written many participant and instructor guides, content for web-based training, and scripts for in-house instructional videos on topics ranging from meeting and presentation skills to basic chemistry and problem solving.

Presentation Style and Topics

Making difficult skills easy to learn is the hallmark of Jeff’s teaching style. His writing, public speaking, and meeting leadership courses are known as enjoyable, fast-paced, and useful on the job—immediately.  Jeff’s current courses and workshops include:

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